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The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts provides excellent study environment for Chinese Opera students. I was fortunate to be able to learn and practise there, and that has given me lots of precious memories.

I often stayed in the Studio for Cantonese opera during my studies. The time I spent there on practising long-sleeve was the most memorable. At that time, the instructor taught me a new way of performing long-sleeve which was very different from what I had learned before. I was very frustrated then because I had no idea how it was done and I could not change my old way of practice. Two weeks had gone with no progress at all. All I could do was to apologise to Professor Zheng Wen-ying and run back to the changing room to cry. Then in the following two-week Christmas holiday, I made up my mind to practise using the new method 500 times a day! After the holiday, I found that not only my mistakes were corrected and also performing long-sleeve had since then become my favourite demonstration. This experience made me understand I would be able to make my way ahead as long as I have the perseverance and determination. Even though I have been in this line of work for 13 years already, I still always encourage myself with this experience as my motto.

In my recollection about the study here, there were the tough practice sessions but also the opportunities to meet the masters. The most memorable one is nothing but the graceful visit and class observation of the eminent Cantonese opera master, Ms. Fong Yim-fun. On that occasion, I was assigned to demonstrate a Cantonese opera excerpt Free the Son. Performing right in front of a legendary actress, it was very exciting and stressful. I believe it is the most memorable performance in my life.


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