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To me, the Studio Theatre evokes many memories. When I was studying at the Academy, I participated in the Monday Workshops and Master Workshops here. Even my first-ever performance took place in the Studio Theatre where I played in Hamlet as a solider. The Studio is divided into two levels. The upper level is built like a balcony while the lower is a flat stage. I remember when rehearsing in one of the scenes which all actors were required to jump down from the balcony, about two metres off the ground. The Director, Professor Tang Shu-wing, had a few ideas to enhance the visual effects of the scene. So, with all safety measure prepared, he asked if any student would try out his ideas. I was the first to raise my hand. When I stood on the balcony, it was higher than what I expected, but I still bit the bullet and jumped off. Unfortunately, I landed poorly and sprained my ankle. Looking back, I was very much impressed by the courage I had at the time because I jumped even before the leading actor Hamlet did! I had no regrets for trying but reminded myself to be more mindful of safety in the future. This also taught me how important it is for an actor or an artist to jump out of one’s comfort zone, explore new frontiers and make new breakthroughs. All these were the memorable reflections brought to me by the Studio Theatre.

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