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To the students at the School of Film and Television, the TV Studio of HKAPA is regarded as the most state-of-the-art studio. I remember on my first day studying at the Academy, when stepping into the TV Studio, I felt so amazed and excited as if I were entering the world of film and television production for real. Special precautions must be taken inside the TV Studio. For example, a relatively low temperature must be kept in the Studio to protect the equipment therein; the floor must be carefully protected against scratches during each production so that it will stay in good condition for the next one. These bits and pieces helped us learn that being professional was not merely about the end products and the shooting equipment and the venue were important factors for a successful production as well. I remember in my freshman year, as a script writing major, I was required to write a sitcom for the Open Day. One of the important factors of a comedy is to be humorous which makes the audience laugh. However, the script I wrote could hardly achieve that effect. I therefore borrowed all the stand-up comedies videos of Wong Tse-wah to learn the techniques of writing comedies. In Year Two, I tried to take up a bigger challenge of writing talk shows. I let my fellow students read my script before filming and they burst into laughter just by reading the words. I have learnt to grasp the rhythm of writing good comedies since then. The lessons I learnt in the TV studio have benefitted my life.


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